" Big Picture Stratgic Visioning Virtual Session with Carol LeBlanc"

Do you ever feel a little lost and know there are forces at work that are holding you back from reaching your goals? 

Or maybe you have so many opportunities it’s not clear to you which one(s) to focus on first? 

Would you like to clearly see how you can capitalize on your opportunities in a way that allows you to use your strengths, so you are operating in your zone of genius as much as possible? 

Would you like to have clear items to execute on that are unique to who you are and how you roll? 


90 Minute Session

I call it a Big Picture Strategic Visioning Session and it's very similar to a SWOT analysis. 

I offer a powerful coaching session using a tool developed by Dan Sullivan blended with my special sauce of intense listening, insightful questioning, and intuitive organization that will leave you with a clear plan you will be excited to execute on immediately. 

It's a powerful session that will help you clearly see: 

  • Dangers to be minimized and avoided 
  • Areas of opportunity to acted on 
  • What is working well that you can expand on 



You will:

GAIN CLARITY about the next right moves to make  

Connect deeply with your soul gifts, inspiring action and AMPLIFYING your results  

Find RENEWED sense of purpose and direction 

The investment for this session is $397 

Your session is 90 minutes. I allow 2 hours in my own calendar for the session because I prepare before the call and I take time when we are finished to write down any “homework” I have for you and send it to you. 

**It is important for you to know that your session is 100% confidential and that I deliver the information I receive with utmost respect, caring and honesty.


(I open up a limited number of sessions each month )

Praise for the Big Picture Strategy Sessions

"Yesterday I had the day off and I spent it speaking with a beautiful soul, Carol LeBlanc, of Love Your Numbers Now, who was able to help me get out of my head, and organize all of the swirling thoughts I have about my business and vision for the next three years. Sometimes when you have so many ideas, the brain gets overwhelmed and the end result is circular thinking. But when you are guided through a deep analysis of your desires, in a loving way, an objective perspective might be all you need to stop spinning your mental tires and move forward on your journey. 

In my session, we were able to crack the code on some limiting beliefs currently plaguing my thinking, zero in on my soul's deepest desires, and ultimately formulate an action plan to achieve my vision. 

I highly recommend you check Carol and her company out! It will be well worth your time!" 

Lindsay Morlock of Handscripts.com

If you haven't gone through the DOS process with Carol LeBlanc, you need to drop everything, contact Carol and set up your time with her. NOW. She took me through her DOS strategy session two weeks ago and I am still amazed at how much clarity and direction it gave me for moving forward in my business. Through our conversation, Carol helped me document my specific vision, drill down to the goals that will help me reach that vision and then devise next action steps that will lead to achieving those goals. 

For a person like me who is very big picture, pie in the sky in my thinking, it gave me a grounded perspective, yet honored my thought process and personality. Carol is extremely nurturing and insightful throughout, sharing her unique and practical wisdom. I walked away with a plan that I am excited about and am already implementing. She is worth the amount she charges. Like I said, do not keep surfing Facebook. Stop and call or email Carol. You will thank yourself, I promise. 

Then, I had a great session with Carol LeBlanc this morning and am completely ready and set up for an impactful next 90days. If you have the chance to work with her, do not pass it up. So much clarity and direction. 

Meredith Martini

Carol LeBlanc took me through a 1.5 hour deep coaching process to help me establish my dangers, opportunities and strengths. I essentially determined and validated what I had been working out to be my outcome goals with her process. 

Darren Stehle

I wanted to send a public shoutout and heart felt thanks to Carol LeBlancfor helping me to create laser focused charity on my vision and action plan moving forward. If you haven't had a chance to speak with her I'd highly recommend it. 

Carol - I honestly wasn't expecting the depth of introspection that your question process was going to provide. I'm feeling solid in my understanding of what my strengths are, my obstacles, and my opportunities. It's hard to express in words how valuable that Skype session just was. Blessings to you my friend! 

Peter Bragino

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